What we do?

Offering, products and services

The one-stop shop for tidal project developers

HydroQuest provides a complete range of products and services that include sites engineering, turbines production & deployment, farm commissioning, maintenance and monitoring.

HydroQuest aims at being the one-stop shop for project developers and its business model includes shareholding alongside the developers.

Would you be interested into investigating a potential tidal farm with us? Please reach out using the Contact section.


OceanQuest, a unique tidal turbine

OceanQuest was designed around HydroQuest’s proprietary turbine technology and inherits from over a decade of expertise gained in various deployments. OceanQuest proves reliable operations with the capability to harvest energy – together with tides – of heavy swell, even conditions where flow streams remain turbulent & with fluctuating directions.


OceanQuest 1MW has already operated in field conditions for more than a year and the 2.5MW version is soon available.

Industrial partnership between HydroQuest & CMN

As early as 2015, HydroQuest and Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie CMN, naval builder, have joined forces to deploy OceanQuest, winning the ADEME competition “Energies Renouvelables en Mer” (Marine renewable energies), providing HydroQuest with a strong production capability & expertise on the strategic site of Cherbourg – Raz Blanchard.

More partners & industries are currently joining HydroQuest within a larger industrial consortium.