Who we are?

Engineers committed to smart energy transitions

Our belief

Clean, renewable energy, its rapid development and implementation are essential to our civilizations positive growth. Because Wind & Solar Energy are not predictable, or reliable on their own, we believe that the world needs another clean energy source that compliments the other renewable energy sources with a predictable and reliable base energy supply, plus benefits to the environment.

Tidal energy provides this large capacity source of predictable and reliable base energy to supplement the other renewable energy sources.

Our mission

HydroQuest is on a mission to make the force of rivers & oceans a premium source of energy to the world, allowing countries to rely on a truly clean, renewable base energy available on earth.

Our main assest is the capability to build a whole project, from its feasibility to its exploitation.

Our values

Technologies & integration

HydroQuest believes that full ownership is the key to success. This is why we have built a team that collectively owns a comprehensive scientific & industrial expertise in hydraulic, electrical & mechanical engineering, with the ability to fully handle power production projects.

Being “Internasocial”

While addressing a demanding global market, HydroQuest embraces a local approach. Wherever it operates, we aims at developing local jobs & wealth by allying with local partners.


Even though marine power already claims the lowest carbon footprint of all energy sources, HydroQuest commits to further reduce its environmental impact by sourcing locally, recycling and reusing parts at the largest possible scale.

An Innovative, Technically Capable and Determined to Succeed Team

HydroQuest is built upon and driven by a team that is passionate about the vision and mission of the company. To provide the world with alternative, clean energy sources that improve the environment while allowing our communities to thrive.

CEO’s Message


2010 – Inception in Grenoble, France

At the heart of the French’s hydroelectric power scientific cluster, HydroQuest was born with technologies inherited from the CNRS & INP Grenoble.

2013 – First river turbine deployed

A world first, HydroQuest deploys with EDF the first river current turbine. The farm is connected to the local grid of an isolated village in Guiana, located in a difficult Amazonian environment.

2015 – Industrial partnership with CMN

HydroQuest leads a series A and welcomes CMN Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie, naval shipyard in Cherbourg, as a premium shareholder. Objective is to build together marine current turbines for the OceanQuest project. At the same time, HydroQuest wins the Grand prize for Energy Transition awarded by Usine Nouvelle magazine, presented by the French Commissioner for Investment Louis Schweitzer.

2016 – Kick off OceanQuest 1MW

HydroQuest enters into the OceanQuest project with the goal to design, assemble and test a breakthrough 1MW tidal turbine that reliably produces clean, renewable energy to the grid

2020 – In April the OceanQuest 1MW turbine celebrates its first year of operations

The OceanQuest turbine shows superior robustness and performance in real conditions. The success opens the door to the development of a larger capacity turbine and to pre-commercial project developments.