What we do?

Develop, deploy and operate predictable plus reliable, clean, renewable energy generators

The one-stop supplier for water flow turbine project developers

HydroQuest delivers a complete range of services from site assessment and engineering through suitable turbine development, production and deployment. Following on with energy farm, commissioning, operation, maintenance and monitoring.

HydroQuest is the one-stop supplier with a proven record of reliably supplying to project developers consistent clean energy, predictably. This is achieved in partnership with our project developers and often with both investing in the project.

HydroQuests growth to Tidal Turbines

The development of the HydroQuest turbine technology, plus services, needed to efficiently and reliably extract clean renewable energy from water flows has occurred evolutionally over the last 10 year period from the inception of the company in 2010. It is ongoing and has included the successful development of in river turbines, plus ultra-low head turbines for use in smaller energy markets requiring KW’s of power. This has been followed closely by the development the OceanQuest tidal turbine technology that today is the companies prime focus for large energy markets requiring 1,000 MW plus of power.

As the worlds demand for clean, renewable energy has grown exponentially over this 10-year period. There has developed a critical need for a predictable and a stable base supply of many GW’s of clean renewable energy that will assist the world combat the deterioration of the climate. Tidal turbines are the only current water flow technology that has the potential to extract predictably many GW’s of reliably generated power at high energy demand sites around the world. Therefore, HydroQuest has over the last number of years focused its efforts on the development of an efficient and reliable subsea tidal turbine that has the potential to be deployed in subsea tidal farms in high energy areas around the world. The result has been the OceanQuest series of turbines that have already proven their reliability after nearly two years of uninterrupted operation off the French coast supplying clean, renewable energy to the people of France.

HydroQuests success and strength through partnerships

We have developed our company to work in co-operation with other groups interested in clean energy and the development of suitable water flow energy sites around the world. Our business model and company structure has been developed to allow for investment and partnerships at all levels, including, company, technology and individual energy projects. We are committed to beneficial partnering for the company’s development and growth.

A strong example of this is the partnership and investment that has been developed with Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie CMN, a member of the Privinvest Shipbuilding Group. This partnership has included the benefits of combining proven technology engineering with state-of-the-art manufacturing capability. While also adding financial depth and strength to allow for the development of larger capital projects such as OceanQuest tidal turbines.

HydroQuest is keen to develop more tidal projects to utilize their technology and is currently developing more partnerships to achieve this, and has the capacity in it’s structure to incorporate more partners.

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