Our technologies

Green, sustainable and renewable power

Tidal power

With a global potential of around 100 GW, the development of tidal energies represents both an environmental and a bussiness opportunity.

<br>Investment costs are relatively low since both actual industrial and port infrastructures are compatible with the size of tidal energy projects.

HydroQuest developed a turbine designed to be exploited at least 20 years in most powerful tidal sites.

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Floating wind power

HydroQuest develops a patented floating wind turbine designed with a vertical double-axis rotation.

This technological breakthrough named WindQuest will enable to reduce significantly production costs of floating power by reducing the relative size of the float and the length of the wake.

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ULH Power

HydroQuest has downsized its proprietary technology specifically to extract the maximum amount of power from ultra-low water heads (between 1 and 2m drop height) of canals and rivers.

This product suits to local power needs: companies, privates, municipalities…

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